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Music   Publishing   Services

We offer a service tailored to the specific needs of established music publishers and fledgling writer publishers. Our network of franchised offices and trusted sub-publishers gives you effective and reliable administration worldwide.

Songwriters & Artist Services

Creative Services for Writers & Producers is our goal. We can help place your music in films, commercials and more. We register songs with every type of collection agency there is, globally to make sure money is collected. We can help further your career via co–writes. We work proactively with our great songwriters to create international collaboration and to place songs in multiple countries across multiple genres.

Label Services

We are constantly evolving to integrate new technologies and implement innovative campaigns for clients. We offer Marketing tools and  the full range of  physical and digital distribution outlets across  the European market via our strategic alliances. Whether you need a release cover for your album, a logo for your record label or artists, we offer a Graphic Solution for you.

Digital Distribution

Distribute your music on iTunes, Amazon, and more. It is the easiest way for musicians and labels to get music into digital stores. We offer Youtube Monetization as well. If you are an independent label or a production company interested in distributing a number of artists or projects, we can assist in creating and registering your own label. We provide fast and reliable content ingestion and distribution solutions.

Check our Mastering Services

The ideal way to prepare your music for release in the real world is with our Mastering Service.


Check our Printed Music Service

Printed Music service

We can help you publish your Music Book and distribute it Worldwide.

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